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Healthy Pork Snacks for Sale | Pork Cracklings, Skins, Rind Snacks Available at Wholesale Prices!

Take a bite of our crunchy and deliciously made healthy pork snack products: pork cracklings/cracklins, pigskins and rind products available for sale at wholesale prices. Your customers will enjoy the savory taste of healthy snacks now for sale.

Davenport Specialty Foods LLC is a proud distributor of quality wholesale pork snacks that are appetizingly healthy. Our pork skins/pigskins, cracklings/cracklins and pork rind snacks are available at wholesale prices to vendors that service grocery stores and convenience stores looking for add-on products to your existing line of snack goodies for sale. So, don’t let this money-making opportunity pass. Be one of Davenport Specialty Foods LLC, distributor of quality and healthy products.

All our snacks contain zero carbohydrates, which makes them a perfect snack for the health conscious. As a wholesale distributor, we care about the food we supply to consumers who are very cautious about their nutrition. We are your distributor and partner for quality tasting foods. Buy our pork cracklings/cracklins, skins/pigskins and rind snacks at wholesale quantity.

As an established distributor, we guarantee our products with 100% FRESHNESS making us the trusted distributor of pork cracklings/cracklins, pigskins and pork rinds. Grab our best-selling snacks for sale and attack the pack! Our healthy pig skins, pork cracklings/cracklins and rind snacks for sale are seasoned with the best spices, cooked well to perfection, and passed quality standards to make your every bite a palatable way to please your tummy.

Experience a new tasting pleasure with our healthy pigskins, cracklings/cracklins and pork rind snacks. As a distributor of specialty foods, we make sure we deliver fresh wholesale products that have a taste of heavenly madness that will make you and your customers truly crave more. All our products are now for sale.

Davenport Specialty Foods LLC is a distributor of top quality pork cracklings/cracklins, rinds and pigskins sold in wholesale quantity. Discover a new way to increase your income by adding our line of healthy pork products.

We are looking for a self motivated, disciplined person with a van that can carry pork skins and work up a route and/or be an additional add on to a vendors existing route.
Job recruitment be our “Partners in Business”. We would help our partner get started strategically, possibly help them work up their routes.

Phone: (601) 544-0105
Fax: (601) 544-4982
Address: 601 Court St. Suite 101 
Hattiesburg MS, 39401
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